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Updated:March 17, 2023

Mt. Asama Postcard




Mt. Asama

The Starry Skies of Mt. Asama

Mt. Asama

About the Mountain

  Mt. Asama is a prominent active volcano known around the world, and loved by local people as the symbol of the Saku area. It is 2,568m (8,425ft) above sea level, and was chosen as one of 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.

  There are two trekking trails on the mountain: the Kurofu Course (enter from Kuruma-zaka Pass), and Kazankan Volcano Visitor Center Course (enter from Hotel Tengu Onsen Asama Sanso). Please enjoy magnificent views of the active volcano from either trail. Shuttle buses are available for circuit trekking connecting both courses.

  For more information about trekking and the current eruption alert level of Mt. Asama, please visit the website of Komoro City.( The external site opens in a separate window ) ※The linked web pages will be automatically translated into English by Google Translate.

  In addition, information about large-scale disasters in Nagano will be tweeted using Nagano’s official disaster prevention Twitter account, “Nagano Bosai (Alert).” Especially important information will be also distributed in English and Chinese for foreign nationals to protect their lives and property.

  All trekkers planning to hike the Kurofu and Kazankan courses are required to submit a Trekking Itinerary( The external site opens in a separate window ) ahead of time.

  The photo of "Mt.Asama" shows the view of Mt.Asama in spring, seen from Karuizawa Town. Spring season in Karuizawa, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt.Asama with its lingering snow and many kinds of beautiful flowers.

  The photo of "The Starry Skies of Mt. Asama" shows the view of Mt. Asama in winter, seen from Mt. Kurofu, one of the peaks of the Asama Mountain Range. The beautiful starry skies of the Saku area also attract visitors because of its high altitudes, clear air and high clear sky probabilities. Please enjoy beautiful stars even in the areas with low altitudes.

Mountains in the Saku Region

  In addition to Mt. Asama, following mountains are listed in the Best 100 Mountains in Japan in the Saku Region.

   For other mountains in Nagano, please visit Go Nagano( The external site opens in a separate window ).

   When climbing, refer to the “Nagano Trail Guide By Grade” and try to make a safe climb according to your ability.

A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa

 Saku Regional Development Bureau created postcards for tourists in Karuizawa so that they will discover more about the Saku Region. There are 10 postcards, and they will be available free of charge at facilities in Karuizawa Town.

  For information, please visit the “A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa” page.

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Shiraito Falls

Mt. Asama

 Nakasendo Way (Motai Post Town)

 Koumi Line (Nobeyama ~ Shinano Kawakami)

Komoro Castle Ruins Kaikoen Park 

Saku Balloon Festival

Lake Shirakoma

The sky full of stars in Nobeyama