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Updated:March 6, 2024

Nakasendo Way Postcard



Nakasendo Way (Motai Post Town)

Nakasendo Way

About the Historic Road

 The Nakasendo Way is one of the Edo Five Routes, built by the Edo Shogunate. When traveling from Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto in the eastern Nagano portion of the Nakasendo Way, travelers used to hike the Usui Pass between Karuizawa and Wada post towns, cross the Chikuma River, the longest river in Japan, on a ferry boat, and climb the Wada Pass, the highest and the most difficult point on the Nakasendo Way. The many bustling post towns on the way supported the transport infrastructure for people and goods. The historical heritage still remains today, telling us of the old days.

 The photo shows Motai Post Town on the Nakasendo Way, located between Mochizuki and Ashida post towns. Motai Post Town was not an officially designated post town with accommodation facilities, but only a town where travelers rested for some time and went on to the next destination. Therefore, Motai Post Town is officially called Motai Midway Post Town. The streets lined with old warehouses are well-preserved, making us feel nostalgic for the good old days.

 For more information about Motai Post Town, please see: the official website of Eastern Nagano Nakasendo Way.( The external site opens in a separate window )

Other Post Towns Nearby

 For other post towns on the Nakasendo Way and other points of interest, please see the official website of Eastern Nagano Nakasendo Way.( The external site opens in a separate window ) 

A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa

 Saku Regional Development Bureau created postcards for tourists in Karuizawa so that they will discover more about the Saku Region. There are 10 postcards, and they will be available free of charge at facilities in Karuizawa Town.

 For information, please visit the “A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa” page.

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 Nakasendo Way (Motai Post Town)

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