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Updated:March 17, 2023

Shiraito Falls Postcard




Shiraito Falls

The Illumination of Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls

About the Falls

  Shiraito Falls is a beautiful waterfall that is spread out over a 70-meter-wide rock, from which curtains of mist fall. The spring water, falling like bundles of silk threads, creates a soothing atmosphere.

  Every year, you can enjoy a projection mapping show in summer, and illuminations of the waterfall’s frozen ice pillars in winter. The fantastic scenery has been added to the Japan Night View Heritage list. Please feel the beauty of waterfalls that you can see only at night.

  For more information including how to access, please visit Karuizawa Navigation The external site opens in a separate window )

Nearby Tourist Sites


  For more tourist sites, please visit Karuizawa Navigation The external site opens in a separate window )

A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa

 Saku Regional Development Bureau created postcards for tourists in Karuizawa so that they will discover more about the Saku Region. There are 10 postcards, and they will be available free of charge at facilities in Karuizawa Town.

  For information, please visit the “A Gift for You, from Saku and Karuizawa” page.

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Shiraito Falls

Mt. Asama

 Nakasendo Way (Motai Post Town)

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The sky full of stars in Nobeyama



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